Senior Pastor Application

Dear Senior Pastor Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in Beck’s Reformed Church. Beck’s is one of the oldest German Reformed Churches in North Carolina. For over 230 years, Beck’s Reformed Church has observed the Bible-centered traditions and the beliefs of the historic German Reformed Church.  Currently, we are an independent church associated with the national Evangelical Association (EA).
While a church and congregation cannot live in the past, we appreciate our history as it serves as our congregation’s faith foundation.  We stand with Biblical Christian values and Reformed traditions, while maintaining a vision toward the future.  This vision is focused on providing hope and comfort in a world that needs Christ Jesus.
As a Congregation, we believe we are saved…
  • by grace alone
  • through faith alone
  • in Christ alone
  • according to Scripture alone
  • for the glory of God alone.
We are seeking an energetic, enthusiastic, full-time Senior Pastor who desires to lead a congregation with a mixture of ages and a stable Sunday School program. We have a traditionally structured worship service at 10:30am and Sunday School at 9:30. The majority of those who attend the worship service also attend Sunday School.  Our current worship attendance averages around 110 and we offer the service on-line and through the church’s website. Activities and programs are available throughout the year with the goal of increasing spiritual growth throughout the congregation and to provide outreach to our surrounding community.
In addition to the typical pastoral responsibilities, the Senior Pastor must be able to provide administrative leadership and work in partnership with the church staff, which includes a part-time Music Director, a part-time secretary, volunteers serving our youth program, and other church sponsored groups. The candidate must be willing to provide direction while working with the Consistory, the elected lay leadership of the church. Our Consistory is comprised of both men and women who serve as Deacons and Elders for three-year terms.
Beck’s Reformed Church owns a parsonage situated on the 70-acre campus of the church which is provided for the family of the Senior Pastor while serving the church.  The parsonage is located across the street from the main church buildings, offering a private setting. It has three bedrooms 2 1/2 remodeled bathrooms, a large kitchen, study, family room, dining room, garage, and basement.
Below you will find the application for Senior Pastor of Beck’s Reformed Church along with supplemental application documents. A completed application must be on file before a candidate will be considered. The search committee will notify you once we receive your completed application. Your interest in Beck’s Reformed Church is appreciated and we look forward to reviewing your application.
In Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,
Beck’s Reformed Church Search Committee, John Bryant, Chair

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