Sunday School

Our identity as a spring of living water is built on four pillars:
Learning, Loving, Living and Worshiping.

A key way we form our identity is learning from God’s Word in Sunday school. We have classes for all ages. All these classes meet at 9:30 a.m. in the main building.

For adults, we have the Christians in Action class, the Faithful Followers of Christ class, the men’s class, the women’s class, and the Koinonia class. These classes are located by the north entrance on the first floor or the second floor, also on the north side.

For children, we have a nursery for the babies, a class for toddlers, then a class for each grade from kindergarten through fifth grade. There is also a Sunday school class for middle school students and another class for high school students.  The children’s classes are on the first floor by the north entrance. From the north entrance, walk to the Grand Hall. For middle and high school students, classes are held on the third floor, which is reachable by the rear staircase on the east side of the building.

We are also excited to offer RightNOW Media to our church with access to thousands of bible studies FREE for you! Text BECKS to 49775 to get signed up or follow the link to sign up: RIGHT NOW MEDIA INVITATION LINK