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Thanks for engaging with us online and beginning to connect with us. We’re thankful to gather on Sunday mornings and during the week in homes, around town or on the beautiful church campus we have. Together, we are experiencing Christ and His love and power. He is making us into springs of living water flowing from the heart of Davidson County to the world. We long to know God and make HIs word known, to love Christ and others and be led by the Spirit into lives of service.

What to expect at worship services?

8:30 Service

This service was started several years ago as the Lord led several people to serve a new generation of people who wanted to worship in different ways. We worship in the praise center next to the playground. At 8:30, you’re more likely to see casually dressed people. We often sing songs written in the last 10 years. Or worship includes classic songs re-arranged in modern ways. Our youth regularly help lead the singing during this service. We have created an engaging space to worship the Lord, especially in a hand-crafted cross made from a tree that used to be on the site of the praise center. This sermon is the same as the 10:30 service. Best of all, there is coffee available because we know it’s early!

10:30 Service

The 2nd service has been at the core of our church’s worship experience on Sundays since the founding of this church. We have a gifted organ player, talented choir and choir leader, and a beautiful sanctuary in the main building. This space inspires our hearts toward the Lord with stained glass windows and hand-crafted altar and communion table. The sermon at the 10:30 service is the same as the 8:30 service. If you appreciate tradition to help you connect with God, experiences like praying the Lord’s Prayer and singing the doxology are rich ways of worshiping our Lord.

What to expect at Sunday School

Sunday school is for adults and children. Sunday school starts at 9:30 a.m. so people can participate, no matter which worship service they attend. There are seven Sunday school classes for adults. Classes are located on the first floor and second floor of the main building. These classes are accessible through a door on the north side of the main building or a door on the rear of the main building. To visit first floor classes, enter the north side door and the classes will be on your left and right. To reach the second floor, go through the rear door and turn immediately up the stairs. Then walk down the hallway to the end where the classrooms are.
For children’s Sunday school, please enter through the north side door under the covered entrance of the main building. From there, walk down the long hallway and you will find the toddler and nursery rooms on your left. If you have older children, please continue to the right as you enter our Grand Hall. Classrooms for children are on the opposite wall and are arranged by grade. If you would like information ahead of time, please visit https://becksyouthgroup.com or call Kristie Regan, our youth director, at the church office.

Other activities and ministries