2845 Beck’s Church Rd., Lexington, NC 27292

Covid-19 Update

Information/Procedures for Opening Church for Worship

June 21, 2020
The Consistory and Elders are looking forward to sharing worship together. Obviously, the health concerns that began in March remains. With this fact in mind, we have practiced a plan that will allow us to worship safely and respectfully. Please read the contained information so that we respect the safety and health of fellow worshipers.
General Practices While at Church
At church activities, let us all practice the following precautions and procedures.
  • If you are sick or not feeling well, please do not attend until you are better. This also applies to someone (child, parent, etc.) that might be in your care. You will be missed, but let us follow the Golden Rule.
  • Everyone entering the church will have their temperature checked prior their entrance. This will be done digitally. If anyone has a temperature of 100 or above, we regret that you will not be allowed to enter the church.
  • No handshaking, hugging, or fist bumping. Our current “official” greeting is a smile, eye contact, and a pleasant oral greeting.
  • If you have to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available when you enter the church. Please use it.
  • If possible, bring your personal hand sanitizer.
  • We will not require, but it would be appreciated if you would wear a face covering. Remember, this is not about you but about you respecting the health and well-being of others. If you are in need of a facemask, some will be available once you enter.
  • Maintain social spacing, which health officials recommend to be six feet.
  • Family units are encouraged to come, sit together, and exit in the same manner.
  • The water fountains will not be available. Nor will we provide coffee in the Grand Hall.
  • The restrooms will be open. However, we ask your cooperation in using them only as necessary. If you do need to use the restroom, be respectful and do not crowd this area. One in and one out is a good practice to keep in mind.
  • The interior stairs are not to be used unless in case of emergency. The stairs will be marked up and down to maintain social spacing.
  • Entrance/exit to the sanctuary will be through the front door, by the ramp, or by an usher seating.
  • We ask that you take into consideration the following as it relates to your arrival time for worship. We will begin seating at 9:00.
The Worship Service
  • The reason we gather is to worship. Let us do so respectfully, humbly, and with an open heart to God and to each other.
  • We will begin with one service starting on June 21 at 9:30 in the sanctuary. There will be no Sunday School at this time.
  • The service will be a blended service (traditional and contemporary music).
  • ·Health officials state that singing in a large group is not advised. Thus, we will not have congregational singing or the full choir participating.
  • Music will be provided through solos, duets, and instrumental performances. We are blessed to have Kevin Lipe and the talents of our church available, so our music worship will be well managed.
  • We anticipate the services to be less than an hour in length.
  • Offering will not be collected by the passing of plates. There will be collection boxes as you enter the front of the church and in the Amen corner for you to drop your tithe. You may also continue giving online or by mail.
  • We will not offer childcare in the nursery at this time.
  • We will have a children’s sermon; however, they will not be called to gather at the front.
  • We will not have printed bulletins. The e-bulletins will be emailed as we are doing for the online services.
  • All Bibles and hymnals will be removed from the pews. We will also remove the pew cushions. This is being done to help keep the area as safe and as clean as possible. We will be cleaning the sanctuary prior your arrival and after everyone leaves. We do not wish for the hymnals, Bibles, or pew cushions to be harmed in this process. They will return once it is possible to do so.
  • There will be ushers to assist in your seating and with your exit. Please read further to assist us all in having a positive and safe worship service and experience.
o  The pews in the sanctuary and in the Amen corner will have designated seating spaces.
Every other pew will be “taped off” to not allow seating.
o  The open pews for seating will have an area in the middle “taped off” to allow for
appropriate social spacing.
o  If a family unit is larger than the designated seating space, an usher will assist in
accommodating your family. Please ask for assistance as needed.
  • Our first seating areas we will be the sanctuary and Amen corner.
  • If the balcony is needed, the ushers will make that decision and open seating there.
  • If we still have a need for seating, the ushers will direct you to the Grand Hall (basement) where you may watch the service via the TV.
  • We will also broadcast the service on FM 88.1, which makes it possible to listen to the service while in your car in the parking lot.
  • We intend to live stream through Facebook. The service will also be available on the following Monday morning at 9am via the church website.
  • Those using the DVD’s, please let us know if you wish to continue receiving them.
Entering/Exiting the Church for Worship
This is a matter that will need cooperation and patience as we are in a new health environment and your safety is important. Appropriate health practices and social spacing will be part of our operation for worship. We will be following, to the best of our abilities, the guidelines that have been established by the health community.
  • Ushers will be available to assist in your seating. Please be mindful of their requests.
  • Those needing assistance in getting into the sanctuary are asked to use the ramp.
o  Attendants will be there to assist. If the motorized wheelchair is needed, please be patient
as after one is used, we will need to sanitize it before the next person may use it. Again,
we are following the current health guidelines to insure safety as much as possible.
o  Those needing assistance will be seated in the Amen corner.
o  There will be designated seating areas.
o  Once the service is concluded, those in the Amen corner will exit through the doors they
entered at the ramp.
  • Those not needing assistance will use the front doors of the church for their entrance and exit. We are doing this as to follow health guidelines as it relates to what is considered a group cohort.
o  Ushers will assist and direct you to your seats.
o  Please be seated in the designated area. If you need more space than is provided for your
family, the usher will assist your request.
o  Once the service concludes, those in the sanctuary will exit through the front doors.
o  Please wait for direction in your dismissal as we wish to exit using appropriate social
  • Extra seating will be in the balcony or Grand Hall.
o  As we fill the sanctuary, or if the service has started, you may be requested to take a seat
in the balcony or Grand Hall.
o  If directed to the balcony, remember that space is limited in this area.
o  The audio/video will be utilizing some of the balcony area.
o  We will limit the number of seats in the balcony to a safe spacing number.
o  If directed to the Grand Hall, you will enter and exit through the door below the ramp.
o  The usher will direct you to the seating available in this area.
We are looking forward to worshipping together. While it may not be what we are accustomed to, we will be again a body of believers gathered in worship and that alone provides reason to celebrate. Let us worship and work together to be the church God has in plan for Beck’s.
The Consistory