Covid-19 Update

EFFECTIVE May 23, 2021

Beck’s Reformed Church

Congregational Announcement

COVID Procedure

March 2020 is a time that we well remember and the resulting impact of the COVID virus on our lives, as well as around the entire world. It does appear that we are fortunately approaching a better time in our daily lives in the United States. For this, let us be thankful while also being mindful of the health of others in our activities as all are not vaccinated nor have immunity.

The COVID procedure we have followed since re-opening last year is being lifted. We are now asking that all of us be respectful of others and to be aware that COVID remains a reality in our world. Our good-will toward others will be impactful in getting back to a normal life-style.

We ask the following as you attend church:

  • If you do not feel well, please do not attend until you are better.
  • We will no longer check temperatures.
  • Please feel free to wear a mask. This is not a mandatory activity, instead it is a personal decision and one that is accepted and encouraged if it makes you more comfortable.
  • Please be respectful of spacing and physical contact with others. We may/will have members that do not feel comfortable in shaking hands or being in close contact with those not in their household.
    • Utilize the hand sanitizer that is available.
    • Refrain from hand-shakes and similar greetings as we do not wish to make members or visitors uncomfortable or hesitant in attending. Smiles, waves, and verbal greetings are encouraged.
    • Please use your elbow to cover any coughs.
    • Be mindful to provide spacing in the sanctuary/classes/gatherings if not sitting with family members or around those not in your routine contact group.
  • We will continue utilizing the offering boxes for your tithes/offerings.
  • Simply, let us all use common sense and be respectful of others in our actions and spacing until this situation is completely behind us.